Who We Are...

Rachel Wyckoff

Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

I was born and raised in Shawnee on Delaware, PA.  I moved to Colorado for four years, then to Florida for four years and back to Shawnee where my husband and I have decided to raise our two boys.  I am a part time Certified Veterinary Technician, a stay at home mom, and help with behind the scenes operations for our business Wyckoff Chiropractic and Wellness.  My outdoor passions include skiing, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, boating and gardening.   Our family’s favorite outdoor activities are easily available living here in the Pocono Mountains which is why I have taken such an interest in 1% for Nature.  I would like to see our county keep all these beautiful open spaces and be able to improve them for our future generations. 

Jim Lambert 

Vice President of the Board

Living and raising our two children in the Pocono Mountians has been a terrific decision for my wife Kate and me. Christine and James, now both college students, have benefited from growing up in the great outdoors. We as a family have experienced great memories and gained so much together from skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, camping, hunting, fishing and even scaling the side of a mountain for one of us! As an active outdoor family, we have grown tremendously from what nature and the Poconos have to offer. That’s why I took advantage of the opportunity to be part of the 1% for Nature mission to preserve and bring access to the great Pocono outdoors for future generations.


Rachele Maskrey-Cooper

Board Member 

Growing up in the Poconos, I have spent my life exploring the areas wild places which nurtured a love for the outdoors. That passion for adventure and the outdoors has never left me. My husband and I started our business, Edge of the Woods Outfitters over a decade ago with a shared love of the outdoors and a desire to introduce others to the beauty of the Pocono Mountains. We are now rasing our two children here and spend our time kayaking, hiking, rafting, camping, backpacking, biking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, gardening and traveling as much as possible. I feel so fortunate that these activities are so easily accesable to us living here and want to make sure that our areas natural places are kept safe for future generations to come, which is why I am excited to be a part of 1% for Nature for Monroe County. 

Tricia Dunkelberger Fritz

Board Member 

 My family has lived in the Poconos for five generations; our business, Dunkelberger’s Sports Outfitter, has provided sporting goods to outdoor enthusiasts for over 47 years. Appreciating the mountains and forests that surround us is ingrained in me. I’m thrilled to help preserve as much of our area’s natural character as possible. The benefits go beyond personal… people come to Monroe County for its beauty and abundance of nature. If people can no longer catch glimpses of wildlife, view foliage on hillsides and catch fish in our streams, then our economy- and emotional well-being –will suffer. Let’s protect our quality of life now!

Trish D’Imperio

Board Member 

My love of Monroe County began at an early age. My family had a cabin in Marshalls Creek and every Friday after school, we loaded up the car and traveled to our weekend getaway where my family and I enjoyed swimming, biking, hiking and fishing.  We became residents of Monroe County in the 80s so we could enjoy the natural beauty of the area and the outdoor activities year round.  My mom shared her love of the outdoors with us and was our cheerleader as my sister and I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1986. I opened Ready Set Run in Stroudsburg because I want to encourage others to enjoy our area through walking, running and hiking.  In addition to those activities already mentioned, I also enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, backpacking, orienteering, bird watching, camping, swimming and snowboarding. We are so fortunate to live in an area that has so much to offer! I want to be a part of 1% for Nature to help preserve, protect and expand natural resources for these activities and many others for all to enjoy.

Why Do This?


1% for Nature is a fledgling organization started by friends and business owners who care about life in Monroe County. Like you, we are busy… raising our families, doing our work, tending our homes. Starting a new non-profit is a stretch for us … but we are excited about making this commitment to doing something good and permanent. We’re supporting something we believe in … for today and tomorrow.


We feel lucky that Monroe County is beautiful. Soft mountains provide a background to our days, trees line our roadways, wildlife wander through our yards. We want to keep it that way.


This is in our own self-interest. Keeping this area beautiful is not only good for ourselves, but also for our businesses and the local economy. People come to the Poconos because the landscape is beautiful and offers great places to relax and play. An investment in retaining Monroe County’s wildness is an investment in our economic future.


We want to protect land and make it possible for others to enjoy it. We don’t know how much green space is needed to retain the rural feel of our neighborhoods or support the animals that co-exist with us. We do know that we have the opportunity to protect what we have right now, and that’s what we’re inviting you to be part of. We hope you’ll join us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1% for Nature Board

Gary Olson 

President of the Board

I am the President and CEO of ESSA Bank and Trust and a director of the ESSA Bank and Trust Foundation.  I have maintained a lifelong interest in community service, conservation, recreation and the outdoors.  I am a graduate of East Stroudsburg University and live in Stroudsburg with my wife and two children.  I grew up as a soccer and sports enthusiast but have developed real interest in trail running, hiking, fishing, skiing and boating.

Samantha Holbert

1% for Nature Director

I have been a Community Services Consultant who thrives on working to make connections and create solutions in our community for 15 years.  I have gained much of my experience working and volunteering in parks, greenways and schools in PA.  I earned a 2nd degree in Recreation Services Mgt. from ESU and have worked for Stroud Twp., the SROSRC and Get Outdoors PA.  I have also helped many municipalitites in Monroe, Carbon and Northampton Counties to develop working relationships with each other to jointly provide recreation and plan parks and greenways.    I love the home my husband Joe and I built on the McMichael's Creek in Stroud Twp. in 1999, surrounded by protected open space, and being active in nature and raising our children: Acadia, Sierra and Oak McMichael. 

Brian Bossuyt

Board Member (joined Jan 2020)

I am the Vie President and CMO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, after having worked at Camelback for many years.  I live with my wife and two children on the Pocono Plateau, enjoying the many benefits of growing up in the Poconos.  I love to spend time outside during any season, but my passion has always been sking.  I am excited to lend my experience in promotion and visitor relations to the 1% Board.